Thursday, June 28, 2012

The history of Phuket

The history of Phuket with laikrasae?, that bond discovered by fishermen originally called “ ” to celebrate Wu, a Malay translation means the mountains because, when looking from the sea will see as a mountain to emerge, but the central water bangkrasae. that Phuket come from the words “ package ” kochira mountains Alps with which words are saved in the document package mount talang that have since 2328 (1785) There is a more direct talang which subsequent words this change to “ unknown ” Phuket reasons there appears in a Government Gazette books from 2450 (1907) starting is known as Phuket Province. In 1847, and 5 in Phuket. Evolution of Phuket There are several ranges together since modern history. Seen from an excavation found evidence The history of the stone axe and a stone tool is at home, a. kathu, Kamala, and verify, that evidence. Aged not less than 3000 years ago, so it can be concluded that Phuket has stayed since before the modern history. In the kaboran, to Phuket plan of Ceylon Prefecture pato layer (geographer of the twists), known also as pointed to the Mainland. Before the ground around oral King (Phuket and Phang Nga province between watercourse) will be missing until the athlete erosion from the same shows that Phuket is known as the traveller. On behalf of the Cape during Ceylon Prefecture prathetrat of the Kingdom come steadily since about early 21st century 800 either tambralinga Kingdom of Srivijaya Kingdom Sukhothai and Ayutthaya, Nakorn Sri thammarat province, until the one. In the current Thai country through many events coming from the city, a major port in India, travel between suvarnabhumi and Antarctica. Major trading center-current tin mining and is famous worldwide. For a history that can be referenced and documented clearly enough about Phuket, summarizes as follows:

Sukhothai Kingdom era

Khamhaeng of Sukhothai Kingdom occupied vast territory of spread out to cover the area of northern Thai and northeastern and central region has the most power and spread into southern and Northern Kingdom did win the honor in city regulation, which is a satellite of the 1823 Phu package Nakhon SI thammarat in the style of "political prathetrat", that is, the Sukhothai dynasty of fuel aboard ship or a Government to rule but leave officer Nakhon SI thammarat to rule on. Must ship "tribute" as a Royal gift to Sukhothai regularly, missing "tribute," which are important in the Nakhon SI thammarat and Phu Tin package is the lubricants for Sukhothai to Buddha and theorup alloy? The bronze statue of the Buddha and theorup. must use Tin mixed with copper or gold. Sukhothai thammarat can win a large source of Tin source was in power to create art to sculpture with alloy then expanded quickly and with valuable input from the Sukhothai Government southern or metropolitan and outlying town as Siri Dharma prathetrat city. From 1921, 1823-1988, total approximately 98 year. cultural exchange between southern and other sectors in the Kingdom, have harmonious combination of a basic, three-car integration into Thai Kingdom. Mount talang Islands or in the modern package known as Thai people's attention and as well as more foreigners. Cause the development history, both in the political, economic and social.

 Ayudhya era Foreigner in Phuket and various important events.

Sukhothai there over territory Nakhon SI thammarat and the Malay Peninsula cities, only 98 years, losing a Kingdom to Ayutthaya Kingdom. When the year 1921 in reign borommaracha 1 (King, Luang pha ngua) of Ayutthaya. Phu package. city of Ayutthaya, as well as other cities. In Ayutthaya, Phuket name not appear in the official Thai just name Ko Thalang. Talang, but some evidence documents called Koh Phuket Phuket Town Islands of this foreigner known Ceylon prefecture or the Saudi roofing. Foreign countries into Phuket in nowadays are trade items exchanged with mineral ดับุกและ of the forest resource, including brands such as Sea Pearl Golden amber. Foreign businesses, including:

Foreigners Chinese The Chinese have come to Ko Thalang when not appear obviously but have presumably come in the Kingdom as a link. Malay Peninsula territory as a center of trade between China and India contact man. People may know that in Thalang and still travel to seek fortune in trade with the natives until the settlers decided that this city. As an outcome, relatives and friends to China gradually came to associate more hierarchy, as j. Anthony Sony burned at talang, ending the European people and the French Governor. Chinese became Governor instead during the 30 years after Narai came to die, and then dashed in 2231 (1688) is a 2261 manop. Fri until Rattanakosin era it appears that Chinese have complete trade with tin ore have to Captain Francis Thao Thep krasatri. SMEs, identify thi ngachao Chinese tin ore control from Thalang to Penang.